McLaren’s Kitchen’s Healthy Habits

Kick start January with Healthy habits meals from McLarens Kitchen

Super tasty meals packed with goodness to encourage you to enjoy great food that keeps you fuelled. 

All my recipes are tailored so they are around 400 calories. This will make it easy for you to track your intake and keep you on track.

For me I have always struggled with weight. As you know I love to cook hearty meals from fresh local produce so I wanted meals that taste great but help keep you focused to your goal. Healthy doesn’t have to be boring!!! For me working out every day even if you can only do 15mins and eating a balanced diet will help you reach your goals. Consistency is the hardest thing but I promise you it works!

I’m passionate about good eating, and good living. We are a small local business specialising in small-batch, home-cooked meals. Using fresh, produce from local suppliers where possible. Taking the hard work out of healthy eating, our meal plans are designed to be healthy, balanced and nutritious.

Our new menu will run from Monday 4th January to help you kick start the new year.  Orders can be placed up till the 2nd January.

To view and order from the Healthy Habits menu please subscribe to the Healthy Habits mailing list. You’ll then be sent a link to the menu and updates specifically for Healthy Habits…

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